Dealers can DIY in their own offices

Receiving one’s motorcycle registration papers after purchase currently takes a long time. For some, it can be a matter of months. For others, a matter of years. A friend of mine from Cebu bought his brand new motorcycle from a dealer last 2014. It was only recently when he got his OR/CR or the registration documents from the dealer, after more than 3 years from the day his motorcycle rolled out of the showroom.

This is apparently not an isolated case and has gotten so bad that Cebu City Mayor, Tommy Osmena, waived the fine for unregistered motorcycles plying the city. He alleged that it was the motorcycle dealers who were processing in batches and the LTO’s fault for making the process so complicated, resulting in the delay of motorcycle registrations.

Such stories may now be a thing of the past, thanks to the Land Transportation Office’ procurement of a new IT System that would streamline and simplify the registration process for new vehicles.

During the induction of officers of the 2018 Motorcycle Dealer’s Association of the Philippines (MDAP) at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati City, the guest of honor was LTO Executive Director Atty. Romeo Vera Cruz. During his speech, he shared recent and upcoming developments for the agency.

“We will be having our new IT System” said Vera Cruz. “This is the heart of the LTO process, the Nervous System of the LTO.”

Last year, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) signed a one-year phase out agreement with STRADCOM. The company has been the agency’s IT provider since 1998. Under the agreement, STRADCOM will allow the LTO to subscribe to a new IT service provider covering hardware, software, and data component requirements of the agency. In the interim, STRADCOM will be given time to turn over of the source code and database to the government.

”By January, second week of January we will have our new IT System. It will result [in] so many good things not only to motor vehicle owners and dealers but all the licenses, the Law Enforcement or LETAS, as well as the revenue (fees collection of registration, licensing, fines and penalties, etc.).”

The Executive Director also added that with the new IT system, the dealers paperwork prior to registration of new motorcycles can be done in the convenience of their offices, with associated payments that can be settled in widely available Lhuillier (pawnshops) nationwide. With this new IT System, the Land Transportation Office promises to stay true to the President’s initiative to rid of all unnecessary red tape and make the licensing and registration processes quick and simple for the Filipino People.