Rolling out very soon

Staying true to their promise, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced that the agency will start issuing driver’s licenses (DL) with 10-year validity to qualified drivers/riders beginning October 28, 2021.

The new limits are in accordance with Republic Act 10930. One of the conditions is that they are only for qualified drivers who have an impeccable record. In other words, these drivers must possess NO traffic violations in their record for the past 5 years to qualify.

On the other hand, drivers with traffic violation(s) in their recent record will have to contend with the standard license with 5-year validity only. Take note, however, that new driver’s license applicants are not qualified for the 10-year valid driver’s license.

10-year validity around the world

Having a 10-year valid driver’s license may be something new to drivers in this country, but we are actually one of the last few to implement it.

A little Google research reveals that a lot of countries around the world issue driver’s licenses with 10 years validity. Some, even issue DLs without any expiration! Some of these countries that issue 10-year valid DLs include the USA, Singapore, France, Italy, Germany and middle eastern countries. To learn more You can read our full story here: LIST: Countries with 10-years (or more) valid driver’s licenses.