McGregor and Boorman's ADV mini-series is destined for streaming

Fans of adventure riding are likely intimately familiar with the exploits of actor Ewan McGregor and his friend Charlie Boorman in their Long Way series of shows.

In 2018, we heard a third installment, Long Way Up, was planned. By the end of the year, they finished shooting that installment, using Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycles.

While some assumed the series would return to a cable TV channel, like the BBC or Discovery, it seems the exploits of the duo will be shown via streaming service instead. That streaming service will be Apple TV+.

Apple is one of the larger players in the growing streaming service arena, populated by other giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney.

While no official announcement was made, the news came as part of a “Coming to Apple” advertisement, packed with teaser footage of its upcoming shows and movies. The advertisement clearly shows Ewan McGregor and some shots of motorcycles on rural roads.  Unfortunately, no date has been set yet. However, it’s likely to arrive before the year ends.

Long Way Up mini-series heading to Apple TV image

The Long Way Up, like its predecessors, the Long Way Round, and Long Way Down, chronicles the journey of the duo on a pair of motorcycles across several countries along the way. While the pair have used BMW adventure motorcycles in the past, for this installment, the opted to use the Harley-Davidson LiveWire in a bid to promote the new technology. For this installment, they’re traveling from the southernmost tip of Argentina all the way to Los Angeles, California.

Because the LiveWire needs to be recharged rather than refueled, the pair will be accompanied by Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks carrying generators and portable versions of quick chargers. These will be used as support vehicles and to recharge the motorcycles.

The pair just finished shooting in December. However, since then, there’s been no announcement on the airing date.

Now that it’s coming to Apple TV+, fans can rest assured it’s coming. The question is, how soon.