R15 with an M

It was just last May when Yamaha finally unveiled the R7, which will replace the R6. Then, two months later, an upcoming version of the R15 undergoing some testing in New Delhi’s busy highway was caught on video by enthusiasts. If it's already testing, it's just a matter of time before this “version IV” will hit the showrooms.

Upcoming Yamaha R15M takes inspiration from R7 image

The newest scoop is that the 4th version of the R15 will be christened as the “R15M.” Based on the latest leaked photos from our Indian friends, the R15M's design will be heavily influenced by the R7.

Being a motorcycle that bears the “M” badge, it is likely that the upcoming R15 will be equipped with performance features, and will be positioned with a higher price point than version 3.

Upcoming Yamaha R15M takes inspiration from R7 image

A copy of what seems to be a type approval document was also acquired by our Indian friends, and it shows that the upcoming R15M will have dimensions that are similar to the R15 V3. It gets 282mm front discs, while the rear gets a 220mm disc. ABS will be a standard feature in compliance with BS5 regulations.

The R15M will also be fitted with all-LED lighting with a projector headlamp – similar to the R7. It also gets a new windshield, sporty exhaust, and an inverted fork inspired by Yamaha’s flagship motorcycles.

Yamaha PH has not confirmed nor denied if the R15M will be imported here in the country. Seeing as how the past model sold fairly well, it would be a missed opportunity not to bring it in.

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