Yamaha may discontinue production of the R6

The Yamaha R6 has arguably defined the 600cc class of sport bikes. Because of its size, it's often described as the sport bike you can ride to and from the office on weekdays, and carve corners on the racetrack with on weekends. Unfortunately after 21 years, Yamaha could be stopping its production for good.

No more R6 image

According to Yamaha, they are “continuously looking at new ideas and concepts to support and expand the market, as well as enhance our customers’ experiences,” hence, they will be focusing on newer motorcycle models . Unfotunately, that doesn’t include the R6.

The R6 was first introduced in 1999, and was the first 600cc motorcycle to produce more than 100 horsepower, all stock. The R6 continued to be offered with several updates over the years. In 2017, it received its final update with improved aerodynamics, riding aids, and revised suspension system and magnesium subframe.

Philippine reception

While a lot of Pinoy motorcycle enthusiasts definitely want the R6 in their stable, the hefty pricetag was usually a discouraging factor.

Since 2017, the Yamaha R6 retailed for PhP749,000. The Kawasaki ZX10-R, a liter bike with a 1,000cc engine, only retails for an additional 71,000, amounting to PhP820,000. By comparison, the Yamaha R1 is priced at PhP1,099,000.

Naturally, for a few more thousand pesos, buyers will go for the 1,000cc sport bike. This odd pricing, likely affected by import taxes, put the R6 at a disadvantage, locally.

Price aside, the R6 did offer competitive performance in its class.