A smaller dual-sport in the works

Indian-based motorcycle blog, ZigWheels, has recently revealed photos (below) of what seems to be a new adventure bike model being tested by KTM in India. This new model was said to be a 250cc adventure bike, rather than just another variant of the 390 range.

Besides the 250cc engine, it is equipped with halogen headlights instead of the usual LED, a TFT screen instead of an analog-dial, a big exhaust possibly for compliance with Euro-5 emissions, non-adjustable inverted fork, and 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels.

Leaked: KTM now testing a 250cc Adventure bike imagePhoto by ZigWheels.com

Though the other details are obscured by camouflage, this bike could serve as an indication that companies are going back to smaller-displacement dual-sport motorcycles like those in the past.

Performance-wise, these smaller and lighter adventure bikes can really go almost anywhere where the bigger and heavier bikes can't. Also, running and maintaining these bikes are much cheaper too, perfect for emerging markets like here in the Philippines.

Will we be seeing this bike at this year's EICMA? If so, this 250cc adventure bike could be in the showrooms as early as next year. Good times ahead.

*790 Adventure platform pictured above.