Naked dreams, fulfilled

Upon its inception in 2015, the Kawasaki H2 superbike has come to be known as the most powerful production motorcycle thanks to its variable-speed supercharger, with the engine producing a whopping 213 Ps of power – the most powerful at the time, until recently.

For enthusiasts, they've always dreamed of having a “naked” version of the H2. Today, at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki has made that dream a reality. Welcome the Z H2.

Kawasaki Z H2 – the most powerful naked bike yet image

Like the H2, the “Z” version is also powered by a 998 cc inline-four, DOHC engine with a variable-speed supercharger. But ulike its superbike sibling, the Z's tuning leans toward the low to mid-range and is said to be “tamed,” making it more accessible to a broader range of motorcycle aficionados.

The frame retains the trellis structure albeit modified a bit to be more at home for street riding. As for the swing arm, Kawasaki turned away from the single-sided swing arm and instead opted for the more traditional double-sided swing arm, which was borrowed directly from the ZX-10RR.

Kawasaki Z H2 – the most powerful naked bike yet image

The Z H2 also features KIBS (Kawasaki Intelligent Anti-lock Brake System), dual floating 290 mm discs for the front and a single 226 mm disc at the rear, launch control, traction control, quick-shifter, cruise control, four riding modes, full LED lighting, TFT dashboard and many more.

Kawasaki Z H2 – the most powerful naked bike yet image 

The price has not been announced as of this writing, however, if it becomes available here in the Philippines in the near future, expect it to be priced in the millions.