Screamer bike under 600cc

A couple of months ago, we published a story about the possibility of Kawasaki bringing back the “screamers” or inline-4 250 cc motorcycles, just like the old times. These bikes were called as such because of the high-pitched sound they produced. Just imagine the growl of an inline-4 600 cc but a lot more high-pitched.

Today, at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki unveiled the reincarnation of the 250 screamer – the ZX-25R.

The ZX-25R is powered by a newly-developed 249 cc, liquid-cooled, four-cylinder engine with double overhead camshafts. According to Kawasaki, the new engine provides smooth, balanced power delivery from low to mid range and still has enough to pull at the higher range of the powerband.

Kawasaki also claims that new “racing” exhaust fitted on the ZX-25R makes the bike sound like a natural “big bike”.

As for the body, the cues are directly inspired by Kawasaki's reigning World Superbike Championship motorcycle, the ZX-10RR.

Underneath the fairings is a lightweight trellis frame. The new ZX-25R also comes equipped with inverted front forks, and a radially-mounted front caliper paired to a large floating disc.

Kawasaki reintroduces the inline-4 250 cc: ZX 25R image

Kawasaki Traction Control (KtrC), power modes, and the Kawasaki Quick-Shifter (KQS) come as standard.