Still with classic looks

When talking about classic bikes, there's no doubt that the Royal Enfield brand will come into the discussion. In fact, they're one of the few manufacturers that continue to build motorcycles nearly the same way as they have over a hundred years ago. If you've ever wanted to feel how an old bike rides, get a Royal Enfield.

“The Times They Are A-Changin'" says Bob Dylan, and Royal Enfield is also catching up with the modern times. First, they introduced the Himalayan adventure bike and then the 650 twins Interceptor and GT. Those motorcycles were deviations from their more established classic lines like the Bullet, Classic and even the discontinued Continental GT 535. Now, they could be gearing up for electric bikes.

They're not the first to electrify a Royal Enfield. There are many videos available online of fans converting their RE to DC.

“Royal Enfield's UK tech center had rigged up an existing product into an electric motorcycle and it's fantastic, I have driven it myself,” said Royal Enfield CEO, Vinod Dasari, in an exclusive interview with CNBC TV 18.

This new development can be exciting, especially for those environmentally-conscious motorcycle riders. Dasari added that, although they are exploring on how to adapt electric powerplants into their models, R&D may still require an additional 2-3 years before a road-worthy Royal Enfield e-bike can be put into production.

“[We are] looking to maintain the Royal Enfield DNA in the electric segment. Who knows, you may have a retro-styled electric Royal Enfield,” said the CEO.

Who knows in the 2-3 years, there may be an electric version of the Royal Enfield Classic. Or maybe an e-Himalayan?