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Husqvarna motorcycles may not have an official distributor here in the Philippines yet, and only available as grey imports,but that doesn't mean we can't hope for their eventual arrival. After all, Husqvarna motorcycles is a wholly owned subsidiary of KTM AG and, just last March, we learned of the possibility that the Ayala-owned Adventure Cycle Philippines, Inc. (KTM PH), official KTM Philippine distributor, could soon be distributing the Husqvarna marque here in the country.

Husqvarna launches 2020 enduro lineup image

Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to launch the complete range of TE and FE enduro models for the 2020 model year. The revamped line-up of competition machines introduce key chassis, suspension and engine developments to allow riders to further extend the limits of their enduro potential.

Husqvarna launches 2020 enduro lineup image

The updates cover both the two-stroke TE series and four-stroke FE series. Delivering high levels of dynamic performance, class-leading power across all engine sizes and equipped with updated WP suspension, all 2020 models benefit from comfortable ergonomics and progressive design. Thanks to a new frame, subframe, shock linkage and bodywork, updated fork and shock settings, and premium components as standard, the entire Husqvarna motorcycles enduro range will allow riders of all skill levels to easily find seamless flow while riding offroad.

Husqvarna launches 2020 enduro lineup image

MY 2020 FE 501 is only 108 kilograms.

All frames feature increased longitudinal and torsional rigidity, which when added to the new, lighter composite carbon fiber 2-piece subframe, ensures exceptional handling, stability and rider feedback. New aluminum cylinder head mountings further improve handling by lowering the engine position and thereby, the center of gravity.

Updated 48 mm WP XPLOR front forks and WP XACT shocks offer simple adjustment, more consistent damping and better resistance to bottoming. The WP XPLOR front fork has a new mid-valve piston and setting. The WP XACT shock also has a new main piston and setting. Besides returning added control, the new dimensions of the shock linkage also have the added benefit of reducing the seat height by 10 mm.

Husqvarna launches 2020 enduro lineup image

Husqvarna motorcycles MY20 enduro models have been primed for the unpredictability of enduro thanks to improved heat management. An improved cooling circuit features radiators placed 12 mm lower. These models also feature revised exhaust systems and wiring harnesses.

Showcasing Husqvarna motorcycles' pioneering design direction, the MY20 enduro range features distinctive, new bodywork and graphics. Allowing riders to perform at the highest level for extended periods, in addition to the 10 mm reduction in seat height, the slimmed-down bodywork delivers ergonomics that ensure easier movement on the bike and confidence inspiring riding positions.

Husqvarna launches 2020 enduro lineup image

TE 150i is a fuel injected, 150cc two-stroke.

Two-Stroke TE series

An all-new TE 150i now stands beside the pioneering TE 250i and TE 300i, sharing the same proven 2-stroke fuel injection technology. Giving all the convenience of a modern 4-stroke at a fraction of the weight, the machine mixes a nimble and lightweight chassis with a compact and powerful engine.

Husqvarna launches 2020 enduro lineup image

TE 300i is fuel-injected, 300cc two-stroke power.

The T250i and 300i engiens have been mounted lower for improved front end traction. They also receive new cylinders to improve performance. Benefitting from an electric starter as standard, Husqvarna motorcycles’ continuous 2-stroke development ensures the TE 150i delivers maximum performance. 



Husqvarna launches 2020 enduro lineup image

Husqvarna FE 350

Four-stroke FE-series

The entire 4-stroke range features extensive engine upgrades for increased performance and rideability.

Husqvarna launches 2020 enduro lineup image

MY2020 FE 350 engine.

The FE 450 and FE 501 receive a new cylinder head, as well as extensive revisions to the FE 250 and FE 350.

Clothing and Accessories

Husqvarna launches 2020 enduro lineup image

Husqvarna saddle bags set

Complimenting the launch of the MY2020 enduro range is Husqvarna motorcycles´ Gotland Clothing – a complete range of apparel and protective equipment that takes into account the unique challenges of offroad riding. In addition, Husqvarna motorcycles’ Accessories provide an extensive line-up of performance engine and suspension components, protective parts and tools.