Lady Genio riders go on debut club ride

There no shortage of rider clubs for men. Whether focused on one model or open to a variety of models, it’s pretty easy for guys to find a rider group. Though rider clubs exclusively for ladies are often few and far between. Thankfully, there’s a new one around, dedicated to ladies who ride Honda’s new Genio scooter.

Called the Hot Lady Squad, this group is just as game and adventurous as any other rider club, up for any scenic long ride.

HPI salutes Lady Genio riders image

To encourage these kinds of activities, the Hot Lady Squad met up with Honda Philippines, Inc. to show their solidarity as a group.

“Let us show everyone that motorcycle riding is something that ladies should not be afraid of,” HPI Senior Asst. Vice President, Jomel Jerezo, during his opening remarks. “It should be enjoyed when practiced with road discipline and safety.”

The Hot Lady Squad assembled on a Sunday morning and headed out to The Old Grove, also known as Netherlands of Lipa, Batangas. The locale is often visited by many riders because of its picturesque farmstead vista.

HPI salutes Lady Genio riders image

While there, they also paid a visit nearby exclusive Honda dealer branches like Elite Motorbikes in Sto. Tomas, Batangas; Motortrade Topline, Inc. in Tanauan City, Batangas; and Honda Motor Sports, Inc. in Lipa City, Batangas.

They all had good things to say about the benefits of having their own motorcycle during this time.

“We’re all craving to go out, but we worry about being exposed to the virus during the commute. Having my Genio solves that problem for me because I can go to safe places like these while maintaining a safe distance,” said Clau, who rides her Genio daily.

“I love to share my experiences on social media,” said Lara. “So after that long ride, post agad sa FB and IG! But this time, I have less worries with charging. I have my perfect travel buddy, my Genio!”