Units arrive in December and January

Honda Philippines, Inc. took the wraps of two highly- anticipated motorcycles: the all-new Genio and the all-new ADV 150.

As we reported earlier, the two new models from Honda are intended to offer distinct style and capabilities to the growing discernment of the motorcycle buying public.

Honda launches 2020 ADV 150 and Genio image

All-new Genio

As we mentioned before, Honda’s first offering is a new AT scooter intended for the stylish and trendy set. Though it is the next generation of the scooter that Filipinos used to call the Scoopy, Honda Philippines opted to retain its regional name, Genio (pronounced Jen-ni-yo) for the local market.

The Genio is aimed at the growing number of female riders. Quite appropriately, it tips the scales at just 90 kg thanks to its new, ultra lightweight frame enhanced Smart Architecture Frame (eSAF). Its seat height is also at an accessible 740 mm. It also boasts of a large underseat utility box capable of storing 14-liters in volume. There’s also a power outlet in there to charge devices.

Honda launches 2020 ADV 150 and Genio image

Powering the Genio is a single-cylinder, fuel injected enhanced Smart Power (eSP) engine that produces 9.0 PS at 7,000 rpm and 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. It’s linked to a V-belt CVT and kept aloft by telescopic forks in front and a single-sided swingarm in the rear. A disc brake in front and a drum brake in the rear bring it to a quick stop, thanks to the included Combi-Brake System. It rolls on tubeless tires.

Unfortunately, it is not equipped with Honda’s Idling Stop System. However, the fully digital meter features an ECO light to help riders achieve a claimed 59.1 km/L of fuel consumption. That guarantees riders will be able to go far with a 4.2 liter tank.

The Genio will arrive at authorized Honda dealers starting December 2019 in just one variant and a choice of two colors at PhP 72,900.

Honda launches 2020 ADV 150 and Genio image

Helping Honda promote the Genio is their newest brand ambassador, actress, Yassi Pressman, who will feature in all the campaign and promotional material of the new Genio.

Honda launches 2020 ADV 150 and Genio image

All-new ADV 150

Nonetheless, the star of the launch was undoubtedly the all-new ADV 150. We offered you a preview with an Indonesian model. We’re happy to report that Honda Philippines has not changed anything for the local model, save for the front plate mount. As we mentioned in articles in the past, it is powered by the same liquid-cooled, enhanced Smart Power (eSP) engine in the PCX 150, with similar 14.6 Ps of power and 13.6 Nm of torque. It features Honda’s Idling Stop System and stops and starts the engine after idling for some time to save fuel.

While it may share similarities with the PCX, the improvements to make it off-road capable are evident in the form of the longer telescopic front suspension and twin Showa rear coilsprings with subtanks. This gives it a ground clearance of 165 mm, much higher than the typical scooter range (130-135mm). Naturally, this also raises the seat height to 795 mm.

It rides on larger 110 mm 14 inch tubeless tires in front and 120 mm 13 inch tubeless tires in the rear. It’s brought to a stop with discs in front and behind, governed by ABS (front only) and with a Combi Brake System.

Honda launches 2020 ADV 150 and Genio image

The inspiration from its larger X-ADV 750 sibling is evident with similar angular styling and split LED headlights. The tail lights are also LED and include an emergency stop signal that automatically pulsates the lights under hard braking. All these features add some heft as it tips the scales at 133 kg. As such, this is recommended for riders of medium or larger height and build.

For the rider, he’ll find a new digital meter panel that will have all the necessary displays and trip info, including average and instantaneous fuel consumption as well as trip meters. There’s a tapered handlebar for him to grab on to. The windscreen is also adjustable to two levels.

Below the handlebar is a compartment that features a built-in power outlet. The other side houses the smart key system selection knob and seat unlock button. The underseat storage boasts of 28 liters in volume, capable of storing a full-face helmet and other items.

Honda launches 2020 ADV 150 and Genio image

Those interested in acquiring the bike may place their order but will have to wait as stocks of the ADV 150 will arrive in January 2020 at PhP 149,000.

“The all-new Genio and the all-new ADV 150 combine innovation with style and function so it’s not only the male riders who will experience the joy of riding, but ladies as well, said Honda Philippines President, Susumu Mitsuishi.

After months of waiting, it’s quite unfortunate that we’ll have to wait some more. At least this puts an end to speculation of whether it will be offered locally or not.