The Highway Patrol Group admits training one of the riders seen on viral TikTok video

Just this weekend, we all became witnesses to a viral video that was originally uploaded on TikTok. In the video, a group of riders was seen zig-zagging through traffic, all of them seem to be riding new BMW R 1250 GS/GSA motorcycles.

What irked the public, including former Manila councilor and TV host, Kim Atienza, and presumptive senator, JV Ejercito, was that these riders were NOT wearing their helmets and have put riders in a bad light. Worse, the riders were flaunting sirens and blinkers as if their motorcycles were official police or emergency vehicles - a clear violation of Presidential Decree 96.

The video, although deleted by the original uploader, was re-posted on various social media pages and immediately went viral.


According to the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) chief himself, Police Brigadier General, Rommel Marbil, one of the riders in the viral video had undergone Motorcycle Rider Safety Training Course (MRST) under them. 

HPG reprimands riders on viral video image

Marbil added that the riders voluntarily surrendered to the PNP-HPG and their illegal sirens and blinkers were confiscated, along with their unauthorized number plates. 


“How about the LTO (Land Transportation Office)? What actions would they take against these riders?” netizens asked, especially when the LTO was very swift in taking action against some small bike riders from Zamboanga, who raced on public roads, which eventually led to the perpetual revocation of their driver’s licenses (read the full story here).

PBGen. Marbil says that the Highway Patrol Group had already prepared a report addressed to LTO chief, Edgar Galvante, "for the probable suspension and revocation of the [driver's] licenses of the three riders on the viral video," citing their unlawful actions that could endanger public safety.

"Hindi po talaga pinapayagan ng Highway Patrol yung mga ganitong klaseng tumatayo sa daan, yung walang helmet, walang pakielam sa batas... hindi ito nangyayari sa bansang may batas na pinaiiral po," said PBGen. Marbil.

(The Highway Patrol Group does not tolerate such dangerous actions as standing on a motorcycle, riding without a helmet, disregarding the law... this should not happen in a country where there is a rule of law.)

Mockery of our laws

TV host, Kim Atienza, asked during the interview what made these riders do their actions seen in the viral video, Marbil simply said that there are just some people who think that they can make a mockery of our laws and get away with it.

"Alam mo sir ano, there are some people talaga na they are making a mockery of our laws, feeling/ they believe that they can get away with it."