Law to cover gas and electric bikes

Two House of Representatives committees on Transportation and Public Order and Safety are seeking to pass a law to require larger license plates for motorcycles. The move is hoped to curb crimes perpetrated on board motorcycles.

The bill has not yet specified a particular size, stipulating only that the new plates must be easy to read from a minimum distance of 12 meters. The LTO will be given the authority to determine the specific size of the plates, as well as the lead agency in the review and adjustment of fees.

“Let us hope that this measure will truly aid law enforcers in apprehending such criminals, thus becoming an effective deterrent against criminality,” Acop said.

The committees, headed by Reps. Cesar Sarmiento and Romeo Acop, consolidated House Bills 5381, 5714, 5839, and 6226. Rep. Rozzano Ruffino Biazon chaired the technical working group (TWG) that consolidated the four original bills.

Besides the larger plate, the new bill also introduces amendments such as, referring to any person controlling a motorcycle as a “rider” as opposed to the term, “operator”.

The definition of a motorcycle has also been changed to be a “motor-driven two-wheeled vehicle,” dropping qualifications such as “gas-powered or electric-powered”. As such, the bill, if passed into law, could be applicable to e-bikes as well.