Honda's newest dirtbike is still out of stock from dealers

Just last month, in January, Honda Philippines proudly announced that the 2022-model year CRF250RX will be available at Honda dealers nationwide – effectively marking the brand's entry into the booming off-road market.

According to Honda PH’s announcement, the “All-New CRF250RX, [will be] available at all Honda Dealerships Nationwide [starting] on 14 January 2022, with a suggested retail price of PHP 469,000.”

CRF250RX - Honda PH: it

So, being an avid off-road enthusiast myself and part of the motoring media who typically get the latest updates from motorcycle manufacturers, I often get a lot of questions pertaining to the availability of the latest motorcycle models here in the country, the CRF250RX being one of them.

Unfortunately, according to my friends who wanted to purchase the 2022 CRF250RX, there has been no available stock since last month, and even the biggest Honda dealers were unable to acquire units.

“I’ve been bouncing around from one dealer to another and they said that there is no stock [CRF250RX] and to wait until April,” said a friend who is also into off-road riding.

Also, one of my friends who happens to operate a Honda dealership in the south shared with that before the announcement, they had already ordered at least half a dozen units, but when January came, only 2 units were allocated for their store which immediately sold out.

For now, the waiting list for the new CRF250RX is getting long(er), and even the dealers are unsure if Honda PH could supply them with stocks by April or even further towards the end of the year.

Let’s just hope that Honda PH could get their stocks sooner than later. This is especially since the CRF250RX is getting proliferated in the gray market, with prices usually PHP 100,000 or more on top of Honda’s SRP of PHP 469,000.