First mass-produced hybrid scooter to be offered in Sept

Honda will be the first motorcycle manufacturer to offer a mass-production hybrid scooter. Last week, it announced plans to offer the PCX Hybrid; based on the PCX scooter but now with electric drive assist. At last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Honda teased visitors with a PCX Hybrid concept. That concept is now becoming a reality and will be sold exclusively in Japan this year.

Honda greenlights PCX Hybrid

The PCX Hybrid is powered by a fuel-injected, four-stroke 125cc eSP engine. It is paired with a Power Drive Unit composed of a drive assist system added to the ACG starter, powered by a high-output lithium ion battery.

Based on Honda’s initial information, it doesn’t appear to be capable of pure electric operation. Instead, two motor assist modes allow the rider to choose the level of motor assist.

Honda greenlights PCX Hybrid

“D” mode provides comfortable riding with light assist and improved fuel economy, while “S” mode provides stronger assist for a sporty ride.

Honda claims that, with the hybrid system, the PCX Hybrid is capable of achieving 55 km/l with two passengers.

Honda greenlights PCX Hybrid

Besides the hybrid system, the PCX Hybrid will be equipped with ABS for the front brakes, LED lights in front and behind, and a SMART Key system. It will also have a 23 liter underseat storage space capable of fitting a full face helmet.

The PCX Hybrid will be offered exclusively in Japan and will go on sale on September 14.