Guy Martin plans to break one mile speed record with Hayabusa

British motorcycle racer, Guy Martin, is probably one of those we can truly call a speed demon. Not only has he stood on the Isle of Mann TT’s podium 17 times, he also has five land speed records under his belt.

For his latest speed record attempt, he plans on using this turbocharged, 830-hp Suzuki Hayabusa to reach 480 kilometers per hour (300 mph) in just one mile. Martin says the attempt takes just 16 seconds.

Back in 2019, he and his team were able to reach 434 kph (270 mph) with the same Hayabusa. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, any attempt to break that record was sidelined until now. And he’s not stopping with the Hayabusa.

This racer plans to reach 480kph on this turbocharged Hayabusa image

Another one of his planned attempts is to exceed 640 kph (400 mph), this time riding a 1,200-hp 2-wheeled, streamlined machine powered by a Rolls-Royce turbine from a British Military helicopter.

British engineer, Alex Macfadzean, and former endurance racer, Bernie Toleman, designed and constructed the rig. It’s more than 9 meters long and features a monocoque aluminum cockpit, aircraft-grade metal tubing, and two parachutes.

This racer plans to reach 480kph on this turbocharged Hayabusa image

Martin didn't say where the attempt will be made, but it appears to be an airstrip.

“We’ll jump in the van, we’ll drive down the runway, get everything in place, have a cup of tea, I’ll get me wind vane out, have a look, say ‘yeah the weather is all right’, and we’ll have a go,” Martin told GPOne. "Just me, me dad, the computer, the bike, and the data. That’s it.”

The team will then head to Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats hopefully early next year to achieve another land speed record, presumably with the turbine-powered streamliner.