Kamote rider victim in Marilaque reveals total cost of repairs

There’s a reason why authorities prohibit racing on public roads. Not only is it dangerous for the racers, it also puts the life of other road users, including pedestrians, at risk. Besides the risk to life and limb, the damage to property could also cost you a fortune.

About a week ago, MotoPinas.com shared the story of Ms. Erika Dalmino, who was traveling along Marilaque until a speeding rider collided with her car after overshooting a corner. Unfortunately for Ms. Dalmino, of all the things the rider could have collided with, it was her vehicle, which was in the correct lane and traveling under the speed limit at the time.

Kamote rider has to pay P100k+ in damages imageMs. Dalmino's vehicle had to be put on a flatbed tow truck due to damage.


In her particular case, it amounted to Ph₱100,000.00 or more in property damage. According to Dalmino, the total damage and repair costs on her vehicle easily exceeded Ph₱100,000, not to mention the hospital bills that the rider had to pay.

While the vehicle was not a total wreck, it could not be safely driven anymore. It had to be towed from Marilaque to Dalmino's home, which we estimate could easily amount to Ph₱10,000 just by the distance.

Aside from the obvious damage to the body, the collision with the rider also damaged the underchassis, the vehicle’s wheels and several other parts. The vehicle can still be repaired but the motorcycle was totaled.

Unfortunately for the rider, he had no insurance to cover the cost of damage. He had mistakenly thought it was ‘ok’ to race on the streets and did not consider the possibility of a collision.

While we feel sorry for the rider (who is already recuperating from his injuries), we also feel that we have to share this story from the victim's side. This should give those who still see the stretch of Marilaque as a racetrack an idea of how dangerous and expensive getting involved in an accident can be.

So the next time you decide to race in Marilaque, or on any other public road, remember that there’s always a consequence to every action. You won't just be paying for your motorcycle, but any other vehicle you damage. That consequence could cost you more than a hundred thousand pesos plus a possible life-long debilitating injury. Or worse yet, it could end in a trip to the grave.