New rider seals third title for Spanish brand

It was a remarkable display of talent last weekend by the Catalan, Albert Cabestany, as he secured his FIM Trials E Championship for the Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Gas Gas. It was Cabestany's Trials E debut year, too.

Cabestany arrived in Belgium as the overall leader of the Trials E Championship, after dominating in the Netherlands, the week before.

GasGAs takes Trial E Championship 3 years in a row imageTeammate, Gianluca Tournour finished third overall.

Gas Gas, which is a Spanish manufacturer known for their expertise in dirtbikes, marks this victory as its third Trials E Championship in a row.

“The best way to reward the Gas Gas team for the warm welcome they have given me was by winning the title, which in fact we have achieved all together,” said the 38-year old rider from Tarragona, Spain.

Though new to the team, Cabestany is no stranger when it comes to observed trials. He first competed in the international trials event when he was only 16 and in 2002 and was crowned as the Spanish Outdoor Trials Champion in that same year.

Trials E is the counterpart of the FIM Trial World Championship and X-Trial series. The series is open only to electrically powered entries in an effort to promote alternative energy vehicles.

Cabesteny entered with the Gas Gas TXE. Gas Gas specializes in building off-road motorcycles, particularly competitive Trials bikes. The TXE is its first electric model and up until Yamaha's participation this year, was the only manufacturer-backed entry in the series. The TXE features a mechanical clutch and a six-speed gearbox.

“The bike performed perfectly, and the work of the whole team was very well synchronized. We have shown the potential of this electric bike and we are confident to be working on the right track,” said Cabestanty.

This third consecutive win may encourage Gas Gas to offer more electric models.