Now on sale at Ducati or Locman boutiques

Renowned Italian motorcycle maker, Ducati, teams up with Italian watchmaker, Locman, to produce the Locman Ducati collection.

The latest line from the horologists of Elba Island in Tuscany, Italy, will be presented at Pitti Immagine, a celebrated fashion event in Italy. The two companies have partnered to celebrate their hallmarks: a competitive spirit, cutting-edge technology, and a passion for design.

The collection of unique and high-tech sports watches is already the second series produced by the partners from Bologna and Tuscany.

The latest collection consists of four models, each with a different mechanism, with prices ranging from €299 to €598. These are made up of the quartz Solo Tempo (Time Only), the quartz twin-gauge Chronograph (with 24-hour time and chrono minutes), the three-gauge Chronograph (with continuous watch seconds, chrono hours and chrono minutes) and the Meccanico Automatico Solo Tempo (Mechanical Self-Winding Time Only).

Ducati and Locman collaborate on watch collection image

All models feature a circular design, giving the watch dynamism and lightness. The case, which has a diameter of 42 mm, is made of brushed 316L surgical stainless steel with polished bezel and pushbuttons. The screw-down crown features the Ducati shield and has a dual internal silicone seal to improve waterproofing. The face, surrounded by a rehault marking out the minutes, takes its cue from Ducati instrumentation and the racing world, the colored band highlighting the first 15 minutes. Straps are available in soft hypoallergenic silicone or natural padded leather with high-contrast stitching.

The collection will be made available in Italy and Japan, in Locman boutiques, in all the best jewellery stores, in selected Ducati Stores and internationally through