Austrian motorcycle museum plans to reopen within the year

After seeing the videos and photos of the fire that broke out during the early hours of January 18, 2021, the motorcycle riding community around the world mourned as over 200 very rare motorcycles were turned to molten steel as fire broke out at the Top Mountain Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum in Austria.

Just barely 2 months after that fateful day, the owners of the museum, Attila and Alban Scheiber say that they will be rebuilding the museum. They plan to reopen by winter of 2021.

“We want to offer more than a world of experiences, the goal is to offer something also to non-motorcyclists,” said the Scheibers. They’ve also added that motorcycle collectors from around the world have already pledged a total of 250 vintage and collectible motorcycles from the past 120 years.

“There will be 250 motorcycles already promised by collectors from all over the world.”

The Top Mountain Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum held one of the most extensive collections of vintage motorcycles anywhere in the world, where it is home to classic motorcycles from discontinued marques like Zündapp, Brough Superior, Vincent, Matchless, Sunbeam, and many more. These motorcycles are believed to be no younger than 60 years old.

The once exclusive collection of motorcycles was housed in a 3,000-square meter area.