India to host first-ever 2020 G310 GS Trophy

Last September, 3 Pinoys topped dozens of other hopeful adventure riders at the BMW GS Trophy Philippine Qualifiers. Finishing at the top three earned them a shot at the BMW GS Trophy Regional Qualifiers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Unfortunately, they fell short of the top spots and the chance to represent rhe Philippines and Southeast Asia inthe International GS Trophy.

The International GS Trophy has steadily drawn interest from adventure riders over the years. Unfortunately, the primary qualification to attempt to qualify for the GS Trophy is to be a bonafide BMW Motorrad owner.

Familiarity with the bike helps a lot as the actual competition itself uses the R1200 GS, R1250 GS and more recently, the F850 GS. Challenges will test riders' skills onboard these big bikes.

In India, however, BMW is giving an opportunity to all G 310 GS riders to test their skills in a competition inspired by the GS Trophy itself. Dubbed the 310 GS Cup, it is open to all G 310 GS owners. They are invited to test their skills at different qualifying events that will take place across India. From these regional qualifiers, finalists will be determined for the culminating final showdown in Bangalore on April 5, 2020.

Will we have a G310 GS Cup here in the Philippines?

Sad to say, there will be no G310 GS Cup happening anytime soon here in the country, as confirmed by one of our friends at BMW Motorrad Philippines through a phone interview.

Putting up an event like the G 310 GS Cup may require a few things: primarily, the numbers. So far, the population of G 310 GS owners in the country is far too little, compared to India. But, maybe in the future, when the number of G 310 GS owners has increased, there might be a chance that a G 310 GS Cup or a similar event will be held. Fingers crossed.