1,300 cc adventure bike from BMW to be launched on September 28

News about BMW Motorrad updating the GS/GS Adventure with a 1,300cc engine has already been around for a few years now. This year, BMW Motorrad will unveil the latest version of the bike model that started the adventure bike segment with the introduction of the R 80 GS, 43 years ago.

R 1300 GS/GSA teased

In a recent social media post by BMW Motorrad, the upcoming R 1300 GS/GS Adventure is teased ahead of its September 28th launch. While the bike on the photo is almost completely covered by the splash of water, the silhouette clearly resembles the traditional beak and lines of the current R 1250 GS/GSA.

BMW’s R 1300 GS/GSA coming to the PH very soon image

Also, there seems to be no change in the wheel size as the teaser photo shows a 19” front and 17” rear wheel. As for the engine, the upcoming R 1300 GS/GSA will still utilize BMW’s traditional boxer twin engine, with a reported power output of close to 200 Ps.

As the trend of integrating a crash avoidance system on adventure bikes is becoming the norm, we can expect that the new R 1300 GS/GSA will also have a similar radar technology built-in as standard.

R 1300 GS/GSA coming to PH

MotoPinas.com has learned that the new R 1300 GS/GSA will be coming to the Philippines very very soon after its September 28, 2023 global launch. This means that as early as October or November, we might be seeing the first units of the R 1300 GS/GSA here in the country.

As for the price, our friends in the motorcycle industry revealed that the SRP might fetch anywhere between PHP 1.8M to PHP 1.9M. These are, by the way, estimations and are not from an official announcement by BMW Motorrad Philippines.