BMW Motorrad working on a 1,300cc GS

It was just a little over a year ago when BMW Motorrad launched the R 1250 GS/ GS Adventure in the country, as a follow up to the popular R 1200 GS. The current model is the 40th Anniversary Edition GS/ GS Adventure.

It seems the Germans aren't quite satisfied with 1250cc and are developing a rumored 1,300cc adventure bike. Thanks to spy photos popping up in the internet, the rumors seem to be real.

Motorcycle site,, published spy photos of what appear to be a blacked-out prototype of the GS adventure bike. What’s surprising is that even the cylinder heads of the upcoming GS were covered. These are most likely hiding a new shift-cam or similar technology being developed for the new adventure bike. As such, we can expect a further improvement of the GS’ power and torque delivery across the rev range.

The report also suggests that a new and more compact exhaust canister is in place, along with a new chassis and swingarm.

Some suggest that BMW’s crash avoidance system, which will utilize radar technology, will also be introduced on the upcoming 1,300cc GS. In spy photos of the Ducati Multistrada, this radar was mounted just below the headlight.

Quite interestingly, the R 1300 prototype features a headlight that is now incorporated into the GS’ signature beak. Is this to make way for the new radar? Or is it just for compliance while a new headlight is being designed?

It's still uncertain what will be included in this new GS since it is still in the early stages of testing. Some of these may not end up on the final production model, but it's certainly fun to speculate.