If you love hopping on your crotch rocket on weekends in search of amazing countryside routes, look no further than Rever as BMW Motorrad collaborates with the tech start-up to bolster its already formidable community of motorcyclists.

After launching in 2015, Rever has crowdsourced millions of miles of routes courtesy of its users from 119 countries around the world, making the information available via the app to help riders ‘discover the world’s best roads, create custom routes, track rides and share riding experiences across social media platforms.’

This partnership will allow BMW Motorrad to enhance the riding experience it offers so that it can be more attuned to its target market.

“We see the future of motorcycling as a connected experience, one that has riders using the latest technology to enhance their rides and allow others to share their passion for riding. Rever is offering a very promising mobile technology in our industry and we are very excited about the future business potential we see together with Rever,” said Heiner Faust, Vice President Sales and Marketing of BMW Motorrad.

“Motorcyclists are extremely passionate, adventurous people. But we’ve lacked a motorcycle specific environment to share our passions, experiences and ideas. Working with BMW, we will bring innovative technology to the fore and make the entire motorcycle riding experience more accessible, more rewarding and more connected,” says Justin Bradshaw, Co-Founder of Rever.