New breed of tricycles are taking over the Philippines

The last-mile commute is perhaps the most important part of the daily commute for many Filipinos. It is during this commute that commuters come home from their busy day onboard a tricycle.

During the past few years, however, these traditional tricycles have become somewhat obsolete due to emissions regulation, and lack of available interior space, and comfort. For these reasons, a lot of tricycle operators have switched to the modern tricycles offered by companies like Bajaj Three-wheelers.

More than 80,000 sold since 2015

According to Bajaj Three-wheelers, more than 80,000 tricycle operators and businessmen, and women have switched from the traditional Pinoy tricycle to the newer 3-wheelers that they offer.

These 3-wheelers offer more space, a more powerful engine, and have modern features that make them safer than the traditional tricycles that are still used by many.

1,500+Loyal Ka-Bajaj enjoyed Gifts and Surprises

As the sales powerhouse of Bajaj three-wheelers, Mindanao experienced back-to-back roadshows full of promos on cash-backs, sacks of rice and grocery packs, AfterCARE freebies, and other prizes.

Bajaj 3-wheeler milestone: over 80,000 units sold since 2015 image

Bajaj three-wheeler buyers also got to enjoy 24-hour fast approval during the Bajaj AliwONE: “Ang No.1 Three-wheeler Roadshow” event. “...a useful and functional vehicle to fetch my wife from their office and at the same time use it whenever we buy groceries for our store.” Rhyn Bacud, a Ka-Bajaj from Nabunturan told reporters in Davao.

5,000+ Bajaj Ride Experiences

With the goal of helping Filipinos to have powerful, safe, comfortable, and durable transportation, Bajaj Philippines organized activities that allow the commuting public and institutional businesses experience Bajaj three-wheelers. "Sobrang komportable pala ng Bajaj compared sa traditional tricycle, mas maluwag at mas marami pa ang makakarga, maraming salamat sa libreng sakay sa Bajaj," says one of the Free Fair Friday passengers. In total, approximately 5,200 people experience these activities nationwide on 2022

7,000 FREE AfterCARE Services

"They respond immediately, offer free service promos and their parts are affordable," Berfel Taojo, HR Manager of DC Tech says.

Bajaj 3-wheeler milestone: over 80,000 units sold since 2015 image

With the rapid growth of Bajaj three-wheelers in the country, the increase in demand for reliable aftercare was never overlooked – Bajaj has always been supportive in providing customers a complete customer journey from sales to AfterCARE, and 7,000 got them free this year.

Boosting Pinoy Diskarte in 2023

Additionally, Bajaj Philippines will continuously be committed to enriching the lives of Filipinos in 2023 thru Bajaj Maxima Series which helped with the volume of total sales, growing to 71% as of October versus last year. A proof that Filipinos’ diskarte rise above the challenges in 2022.

We will continue serving our loyal Ka-Bajaj in every Sakay, Biyahe, Diskarte at Kayod. Get your own Bajaj Three-wheelers here: