You cannot ride pillion when in San Pablo, Laugna or San Mateo, Isabela

In the hopes of mitigating the spread of coronavirus, these two localities have enacted a “no backride policy” for motorcycles. These are the towns of San Mateo, Isabela and San Pablo, Laguna.

San Mateo, Isabela

Just last April 8, 2021, the town of San Mateo, Isabela, which is near Santiago City and is approximately 388 kilometers from Manila, enacted Executive Order No. 5 (EO 5), Series of 2021, establishing additional guidelines for the said town which is now under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

EO 5, Series of 2021, item number 7, says that “strictly no back riders for all single (two-wheeled) motorcycles and orders their local PNP unit to fully enforce the said directive. Violators of this said directive may face a penalty of community service for 5 days, 8-hours a day.

San Pablo, Laguna

These Laguna and Isabela towns prohibit backriding image

Unlike the town of San Mateo in Isabela, the City of San Pablo has prohibited pillion riding since last year. Ordinance No. 42, Series of 2020, which was enacted in April last year, sets guidelines for both public and private transportation within the city limits which also includes vehicles that are “passing by.”

Under Section 3, J of the said ordinance, for motorcycles, “no passenger is allowed”, and that the rider must wear a face mask and a helmet.

San Pablo Police, however, clarified that in accordance with IATF guidelines for the NCR+ which include Laguna, they allow 1 backride provided that he or she is an Authorized Person Outside of Residence (APOR). The motorcycle driver must also be an APOR.

Violating this ordinance could mean a fine of PhP2,000 up to PhP5,000 or one-month imprisonment or both.