VW, Bosch and Shell co-developed new gasoline that burns 20% less carbon

As more and more auto and motorcycle manufacturers switch to full electrification of their products, Volkswagen Group (parent company of Ducati), Bosch, and Shell have developed a new fuel which they claim is made from 33% renewable ingredients and emits 20% less carbon than all the current fuels sold in the market today.

According to Volkswagen, they have been running a small fleet of Golf 1.5 TSI hatchbacks on the new fuel dubbed as “Blue Gasoline” and have calculated that if 1,000 of these cars run on the new fuel on an average of 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) in one year, there will be 230 metric tons-less CO2 in the air we breathe.

What’s in the “Blue Gasoline”?

According to reports, this new Blue Gasoline is made from 33% renewables from biomass-based naphtha and ethanol, which is certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) system.

Naphtha is a by-product of some industries, more particularly, in the production of pulp for making paper.

Carbureted motorcycles

If in the event Shell would bring and market the Blue Gasoline in the Philippines, this fuel might be a good option the next time you fill that tank if your motorcycle is fuel-injected.

Generally speaking, carbureted motorcycles, on the other hand, have no problem running on gasoline that contains ethanol. However, when not in use, especially for those garage queen classic motorcycles, ethanol-blended gasoline tends to stale more quickly and potentially cause the carburetor to malfunction.