Big-bore Triumph Rocket 3 221 Edition revealed

What happens if you put a car’s engine into a motorcycle? You get 221 Nm of torque and the limited-edition Triumph Rocket 3 221 Edition.

2,500cc Triumph Rocket 3 221 Edition available in January image

Just recently, Triumph Motorcycles revealed the Rocket 3 221 Edition. The UK-based motorcycle manufacturer claims that the new Rocket 3’s 3-cylinder, 2,458cc engine produces the highest toque value of any production motorcycle in the world with 221 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

For comparison, a typical 4-cylinder Honda Accord (car) only produces 175 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm.

The best part is that the new Rocket 3 221 Edition will be assembled closer to home – in Thailand – and promises a much affordable SRP when deliveries begin early next year in January.

Magnificent style with striking 221 Edition paint scheme 

The distinctive 221 Edition Rockets feature a distinctive new paint scheme where the striking Red Hopper tank and front mudguard, beautifully contrasts with the Sapphire Black mudguard brackets, headlight bowls, flyscreen, side panels, rear bodywork, and radiator cowls.

2,500cc Triumph Rocket 3 221 Edition available in January image

The paint scheme is further enhanced by the bold and unique 221 knee pad graphics, as well as the subtle tank-top graphics which showcase all of the Rocket’s exceptional performance numbers, including 221 Nm torque, 2458cc engine, 167PS power, 85.9 mm stroke and 110.2mm bore.


The 2,458cc (almost 2,500cc) triple engine not only delivers the world’s highest peak torque of 221Nm at  4,000rpm, but peak power is also a breath-taking 167 Ps at 6,000rpm. The Rocket 3 R and GT are effortlessly thrilling to ride, beautifully smooth and responsive, for all-day, any gear riding.

Top-shelf electronics

Like any modern motorcycle, the Rocket 3 221 Edition is also packed with top-shelf electronics to make riding safer and more enjoyable.

2,500cc Triumph Rocket 3 221 Edition available in January image

These include cornering ABS (on top of the standard ABS), traction control, 4 riding modes, wrap-around LED lighting, and a full-color TFT screen with Bluetooth and GoPro connectivity.

Philippine SRP has yet to be determined as of this writing.