President Duterte names Lt.Gen. Dionard Carlos as next PNP Chief

President Rodrigo Duterte has just named the next PNP Chief. The best part: PNP's top brass is a motorcycle rider. His name: Dionard Carlos.

The Palace has confirmed today the appointment of Lt.Gen. Dionardo Carlos as the next PNP Chief, who will replace Gen. Guillermo Eleazar who will be retiring on November 13, 2021.

The next PNP Chief is a motorcycle rider image

Prior to this appointment, Carlos served as the spokesman for the PNP and held various directorate positions, including chief of the PNP’s Directorial Staff, director of the Aviation Security Group, director for Information and Communications Technology, and the Directorate for Police Community Relations.

Carlos was also designated as the head of the Directorate for Integrated Police Operations- Visayas, where he earned his third star. He was also a former PNP-Highway Patrol Group head.

Real motorcycle rider

Perhaps, not known to many people, General Dionard Carlos is an avid motorcycle rider and spends his weekends riding with his closest riding buddies. “Mahilig mag-ride yan si general (The general loves to ride his motorcycle.),” said one of his closest riding buddies to

He added that being a former PNP-HPG top brass, the General disliked the idea of using wang-wang to avoid traffic and is very particular when it comes to following the traffic laws.

Do you think that the PNP will now be more inclusive to motorcycle riders since the new chief is a rider at heart?