MMDA tallies 1,391 violators on first day of MC Lane implementation

Yesterday, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) started the full implementation of the exclusive motorcycle (MC) lane along Commonwealth AVE, from Elliptical Road to Dona Carmen (and vice versa) in Quezon City.

From the morning rush hour to 12 noon, the MMDA reported that they have already apprehended 1,238 motorists who violated the MC Lane rule, with 482 motorcycles and 757 drivers of private vehicles ticketed for PHP 500.00 fine.

From 12 noon to 5 PM, there was a sudden change in the atmosphere, as only 153 drivers and riders violated the MC Lane, bringing the tally to 1,391 ticketed as of 5 PM during the first day of MC Lane implementation.

Exclusive MC Lane

The exclusive MC Lane was conceived with the goal to minimize the number of road accidents involving motorcycles along the stretch of Commonwealth Avenue, with the MMDA consulting with 1-Rider Party List and other stakeholders. The MMDA added that if the Commonwealth MC Lane is successful in its goal, it is very much possible that the agency will establish similar MC Lanes on other major roads, particularly, EDSA.

The Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO), as well as other groups who oppose the MC Lane, says that they were never invited during the MMDA’s Technical Working Group (TWG) sessions to voice their concerns. They also added that the MC Lane was not based on any scientific study here or in abroad.

Those who design and manufacture motorcycles like the Japanese “Big 4” – Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki – have also said that they were not consulted by the MMDA during the MC Lane TWG.