This is an electric dirtbike from Honda

The California-based startup, Greenger Motors, and Japanese manufacturer Honda have teamed up to develop a new range of electric dirtbikes, targeted at customers who want their kids to master their dirt riding skills.

Similar to Greenger Motors’ G12R and G12S series, the new CRF-E2 electric dirtbike is the equivalent of a 50cc mini dirtbike for kids and is powered by a 48V brushless electric motor that generates about 2.5 kW max power and about 25 Nm maximum torque.

Honda now has an electric dirtbike called the CRF-E2 image

What’s unique with these CRF-E2 dirtbikes is the extensive use of swappable batteries that are reported to last up to two hours of continuous riding, under ideal conditions. Additionally, the batteries that power the CRF-E2 can be fully charged in just 4 hours with a standard charger, while a special quick charger can reduce the charging time to just 2.5 hours.

The CRF-E2 is also equipped with a twin-spar aluminum double-cradle frame that ensures that the components are well protected. Additionally, the CRF-E2 offers a whopping 100mm of travel on the front shocks, while the rear 211mm of travel, ensuring top performance even under the most difficult off-road riding conditions.

The CRF-E2 is an official Honda licensed product designed and manufactured by Greenger Motors. The CRF-E2 retails at USD 2,950 or roughly PHP 154,290. Let's just hope it makes its way to the Philippines for loads of fun in the dirt.