Bentley introduces balance bike for 3 years old and above

For many of us, owning a hyper-expensive product from Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, or Aston Martin will remain a dream.

However, there's one authentic Bentley you can buy for only UK£450.00 or roughly Ph₱30,300.00. This authentic Bentley vehicle is much easier on the pocket, but there’s a catch: it’s a balance bike made for children 3-years old and above.

For PhP30K, you can buy this Bentley image

Bentley – a hyper luxury car maker founded in the UK 102 years ago – has recently unveiled their new pedal-less balance bike suitable for kids and kids at heart.

Designed to teach children how to balance and to build their confidence for riding bicycles and eventually motorcycles, these Bentley balance bikes will also be available in a range of colors available only to Bentley car customers. These are Onyx, Glacier White, Sequin Blue, and Dragon Red.

The bike also features a diamond-quilted handlebar that echoes the luxury detailing found in Bentley cars, with the iconic wings emblem prominently positioned below them. The ‘Bentley’ name is painted across the frame of each balance bike for a distinctive reference to the brand.

For PhP30K, you can buy this Bentley image

Safety is always paramount to Bentley of course. An exclusive feature of the Bentley balance bike is the unique safety locking brake system, giving children greater stopping power so they can ride with confidence – a feature not available on many other balance bikes on the market.

Other features include a magnesium alloy frame. Its form is inspired by the sleek lines of Bentley cars and can support up to 35 kg of weight, even though the frame itself only weighs 650 grams.  The bike is also equipped with aluminum rims that can withstand heavy curb weights but do not add bulk to the bike, allowing children to effortlessly push themselves forward, while the air-filled 12-inch rubber tires ensure absolute comfort. 

For further comfort, the ergonomically-designed, adjustable seat is made from eco-leather and features the Bentley wordmark and a carbon fiber-inspired pattern for added style.

All told, the Bentley balance bike is meant to be made to be portable yet robust. 

Would you gift your child (and yourself) this authentic Bentley?