Yamaha's unapproved valve change punished with points deduction.

MotoGP organizers have withdrawn constructorr's points from both Yamaha teams after the Japanese manufacturer changed their engines' valves without approval from the Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers Association (MSMA) as part of technical changes protocols.

Yamaha slapped with penalties after disregarding protocols imageNew constructor and team championship standings after the penalty.

According to MotoGP, Yamaha's two teams, have failed to respect the protocol required for this valve change, wherein they need to obtain unanimous approval from MSMA for technical changes to their engines.

Yamaha has been found to have used an engine during the Spanish GP with valves not previously submitted with the sample engine pre-season for homologation by the FIM, making this change without unanimous agreement by the manufacturers' association.

Yamaha changed valves to address engines issues they've been having during the first two Jerez races. These issues forced the marque to reduce revs for all four riders.

Yamaha claims the issues wete caused by faulty valves from a secondary supplier. They sent a request to the manufacturers' association to unseal its engines to change them. However, this needs a  document from the valve supplier admitting to the fault. Without it, Yamaha withdrew the request.

It seems they went ahead with a new supplier without authorization.

For this reason, Yamaha Motor Company have had 50 World Championship Constructor points withdrawn. This is double the points earned whilst not respecting the protocol required for technical changes. This will affect both Monster Energy and Petronas teams.

Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP will lose 20 World Championship Team points. This is the points earned whilst not respecting the protocol.

Petronas Yamaha SRT will lose 37 World Championship Team points. This is also the points earned whilst not respecting the protocol.

Individual rider points, however, will not be affected in any means by these penalties.