Yamaha Tricity gets new 155cc engine

Yamaha has finally given its Tricity more power. The new Tricity 155 has just been launched in Japan and features a new 155cc engine.

First launched in 2014, Yamaha’s Tricity was a unique three-wheel offering with leaning multi-wheel (LMW) technology built-in. There have been few improvements over the years, but now, Yamaha has given the Tricity several much needed updates.

Yamaha launches 2020 Tricity 155 image

As the name suggests, the Tricity still uses LMW technology which is a front fork with cantilever telescopic suspension and a parallelogram link. This allows the two front wheels to lean with the body, but allows each front wheel to absorb bumps independently of one another.

Yamaha launches 2020 Tricity 155 image

Yamaha says this setup gives greater stability, more grip, and a more comfortable ride, especially in difficult and sometimes slippery surfaces like wet manholes covers, cobblestones, train rails, and sand-covered roads. The two front wheel setup also gives it greater stopping power with less chance of locking up and losing balance. Finally, Yamaha also claims that its LMW technology is less tiring to drive.

The biggest news, of course, is the new 155cc engine. It’s a water-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 155cc, 4-valve, fuel-injected engine. Like the new generation of Blue Core engines offered by Yamaha, the new Tricity also has a forged aluminum piston, all-alumnum die cast (DiASil) cylinder, and variable valve mechanism for high power and fuel efficiency.

Yamaha launches 2020 Tricity 155 image

Bringing it to a stop are disc brakes governed by a Unified Brake System (UBS) with ABS. The UBS is fitted to the left brake lever and when pressed firmly manages front and rear braking to prevent a loss of control.

The Tricity is now equipped with full LED lighting. It also has a new digital speedometer, with clock, and outside temperature display features.

Yamaha has also made it easier to get on with a flat floorboard, a low seat height of 765mm, tandem seating with a retractable side step.

Yamaha launches 2020 Tricity 155 image

There are additional comfort features too. These include a parking brake to prevent it from rolling on inclines when parked. The underseat storage boasts of 23.5 liters of space, can accommodate a helmet and has a built-in LED light. On the right side of the front shield, Yamaha has fitted a sealed glove box with built-in power socket to charge smart phones. It also has a convenience hook capable of carrying 1 kg.

For now, the new Tricity 155 is only offered in Japan. It comes in Blueish Gray Solid with blue wheels, Matt Gray Metallic, and White Metallic.