Rider saves kitten from being run over on expressway

As motorists, some of you may have already experienced a chilling moment when an animal, usually a cat or a dog, crosses the path you’re riding on. Just the thought of colliding with it brings chills, if the animal is large enough. Especially if you lose control of the motorcycle while braking or avoiding and eventually crash

ehat if it was a kitten? Definitely, a kitten wouldn’t stand a chance against a motorcycle on a highway, or an expressway full of cars in this occasion.

On this video, motorcycle enthusiast, Mark Philipp Espina, went out of his way to save a poor kitten whose head was stuck in what looked like a sardine can.

According to Espina, he was cruising along South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and was on his way to Batangas when he noticed the poor kitten in the middle of SLEX’s rightmost lane, with its head stuck inside a can.

Upon seeing the poor kitten, Espina immediately decelerated and parked his motorcycle on the emergency lane. He ran to the kitten and luckily, it hadn’t moved to the busier lanes of the highway. He proceeded to remove the animal's head from the can.

Not only did Espina save the kitten from sure demise, but he may have also saved a fellow biker or motorist who could’ve braked hard or swerved upon seeing the kitten. Maneuvers like that could cause a major road mishap on SLEX.

Editor’s note: Though what he did was highly commendable, rescuing an animal from the middle of a busy highway nputs yourself and other motorists at risk. We do not recommend anyone doing the same. When enountering a similar situation on the highway, contact the tollway operator's emergency services.