MotoGP recaps best saves of the decade

Riding motorcycles is generally safe if we follow the traffic rules, and ride within our limits. On the race track, however, the limits are pushed further making crashes much common, especially when you're at the edge of grip.

However, there are some rare few who manage to save what seemed like sure crashes, somehow recovering control from moments where there was absolutely no control.

In the video compilation above, MotoGP looks back at the most incredible and thrilling saves that happened in the past 10 years. These including a few from the Moto2 and Moto3 classes. These saves could’ve resulted in serious crashes if not for the muscle-memory and quick reactions of these riders.

Marc Marquez takes top 7 and top 2

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Not surprisingly, Honda rider and six-time MotoGP world champion, Marc Marquez, has an astonishing 2 amazing on the list: the number 7 and the second-best save of the decade. The Spaniard is known for regular high-risk maneuvers during races, often pushing his Honda RC213V racebike to the limit in order to pass a competitor or set a fast lap time.

In the second-best save of the decade, Marc is seen going way off the race track and into the gravel trap. Despite rolling on the lose surface, he's still able to control the bike. This is probably thanks to his regular off-road riding. He manages to keep the bike running, upright, and hop back on to finish the race in a podium position. This daring move helped him clinch the 2017 MotoGP championship.

Number 1: MX jump

Watch: MotoGP top 10 saves of the decade image

During the French GP in 2018, Moto3 rider, Jakub Kornfeil, was almost taken out by another rider, after the latter had a low side right in front of him. In a classic motocross (MX) fashion, instead of hitting the brakes, Kornfeil poured on the throttle and braced for launch. And like an MX bike, the 250cc sport bike ramped over the downed bike, flying a few feet off the ground and landing on the gravel trap. He managed to keep the bike running through it and was able to rejoin the race. Talk about mad riding skills!

These are just a few of the amazing saves in the video. Check it out for several more.