Kawasaki reveals hydrogen-powered motorcycle prototype

In the past few years, motorcycle manufacturers have been in a race to develop a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel. One of the technologies that are being developed is hydrogen-powered engines.

Just recently, at the Akashi marque’s Group Vision 2030 conference, Kawasaki unveiled a hydrogen-powered motorcycle prototype that is based on the existing Ninja H2 SX sport tourer.

Aptly named Ninja H2 HySE, the new bike is still propelled by an internal combustion engine but uses hydrogen as fuel. One notable feature of the prototype H2 HySE are the hydrogen tanks that are placed on the sides similar to panniers on touring bikes.

But like all prototypes, the H2 HySE is expected to have many more revisions before it reaches production. It must be also noted that the H2 SX-based prototype will be used as a test bed for hydrogen-powered engine and the technologies needed to make it safe for consumers.

Do you think that this is a better alternative than battery-powered motorcycles, like the Ninja e-1?