Michael Knight on a bike

Some of our readers may remember a classic TV show from the 80s starring David Hasselhoff and a certain black Pontiac Trans Am.

Well the Knight Rider is back, at least just for this commercial for German car sales site, mobile.de. In it, Hasselhoff reprises his role as the vigilante, Michael Knight. For reasons unexplained, his Trans Am, the Knight Industries Three-Throusand (KITT), is not around. Instead, he summons a moped to give chase to the bad guys. The moped bears all the hallmarks of KITT, only in two wheel form.

Watch the video below to see how the chase goes. You'll notice the moped has been similarly modified with some of KITT's more famous gadgets.

While it's by no means any indication that Knight Rider is going to be remade any time soon, it's certainly nice to see the Hoff take to two wheels this time around.