The WSBK champ is still on a learner's permit

We all know that Jonathan Rea is currently the best rider in the Word Superbike Championship (WSBK). He has been the league’s champion for 6-consective years. But despite this achievement, did you know that the reigning champ doesn't have a driver's license?

Yes, he can’t ride a motorcycle legally on the road. In fact, he's still going through the required motorcycle riding course to get one.

In this latest video from Rea, he shares with us that even the fastest WSBK rider has to undergo the required motorcycle riding course or Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) to get his motorcycle riding license (on the road).

“It’s so strange to think that I’m learning how to ride a bike, to do it safely and properly,” says Rea. Rea got his certificate for the CBT, and will be doing the actual test for his motorcycle riding license soon. He is also going to film the whole process for our enjoyment on his official Youtube channel.


Here in the Philippines, motorcycle riders are required to undergo a mandatory Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) and Practical Driving Course (PDC). This requirement is part of the Land Transportation Office’s response to the President's call for more stringent driver education and issuance of license s. These are in place with the ultimate goal of making our roads safer by ensuring only those worth are given the privilege to drive a motor vehicle.


A lot of motorists, including motorcycle riders, complain that the LTO’s TDC and PDC requirements are just an added burden. These additional requirements make it more difficult to acquire a license, especially on top of the difficulties during the global pandemic. 

To show just how good we have it, we thought to compare the costs of mandatory driving courses here and abroad. 

A quick Google search reveals that, in the UK, CBT certification to ride a motorcycle costs anywhere between GBP100 (PhP 6,800) to GBP 250 (PhP 17,000).

In the Philippines, the equivalent TDC and PDC can be availed for FREE at certain LTO and TESDA-accredited facilities. In LTO-authorized Driver Education Centers or DECs, the courses could range anywhere between PhP 4,000 to PhP 6,000. That's still significantly cheaper than what's required abroad.

If the reigning WSBK champion is willing to learn how to ride a motorcycle for road use, why can’t you?