TVS, Norton's new owners, will keep the company in the UK

Beleaguered British brand, Norton Motorcycles, was recently acquired by Indian motorcycle manufacturer, TVS Motor. The move has finally put an end to historic motorcycle company’s uncertain future.

So what plans does TVS have for Norton? A TVS executive spoke to India-based Car and Bike website to discuss the company’s plans.

First of all, Norton motorcycles will still be produced in the UK. TBS will move Norton out of Donington Hall, itself also owned by Norton’s former CEO and also under investigation. Operations will be moved to a different location, but still in the same region in the UK. TBS plans to keep most of the existing staff as well.

TVS: Norton production stays in the UK image

“The strong design team and assembly team is coming over to us, and we will look to leverage their strength and work with them to deliver more bikes of this storied brand. In Europe, the location is in Derby, in Donington Hall. We will move to another new location very soon, in the same region. The idea is to continue with this very talented team to get the brand back to its original glory, and take it into the future," said TVS Motor Company Joint Managing Director, Sudarshan Venu.

Unfortunately, TVS is not very pleased with the former managers and may move to replace them with a new team. TVS hopes to keep Norton a premium motorcycle brand by maintaining the talent that has brought it to that level.

"Norton is a brand which delights this unique segment of customers around the world, with these very high-end and powerful engines. So, the idea is to build on that legacy and those products, and focus on them for now,” he added.

It’s still too early to tell what exactly TVS has planned for Norton. However, with its commitment to keep the brand’s heritage, it’s a welcome change from the troubles Norton has experienced up until its acquisition.