An improved experience

Just a few months after updating the original Bajaj RE, Trimotors now brings convenience upgrades to the Maxima series three-wheeler models.

The Bajaj Maxima Series is composed of 2 different models, the Bajaj Maxima Z and the Bajaj Maxima Cargo.

Maxima Z

Trimotors updates Bajaj Maxima three-wheelers image

The Maxima Z features a versatile cargo and passenger cab which can comfortably seat three additional passengers. The seats can also be folded down in a 60:40 split or in its entirety to accommodate pure cargo which can be loaded in the back with its drop-down tailgate. It boasts of 800-liters of cabin volume. It also comes with a Symmetrical Transparent Hood to give passengers a view while in transit. For the driver, there’s a modernized dashboard with a built-in radio and MP3 Player.

The Bajaj Maxima Z is priced at PhP221,888.

Maxima Cargo

Trimotors updates Bajaj Maxima three-wheelers image

The Maxima Cargo, on the other hand, is a single cab version of the three wheeler with an enclosed driver cabin. The rear can be configured to fit a dropside flatbed, a cargo van, or even more unique configurations like a food truck, sales stall, personnel transport, ambulance, or even fire truck equipment. Nearly any configuration is possible with its 487-kg carrying capacity.

Trimotors updates Bajaj Maxima three-wheelers image

The vehicle is ideally suited for logistics and frontliner operation because of its many possible forms. Get is as a Bajaj Compact Delivery, a three-wheeled closed van version; Medical Transporter; Bajaj Ronda Partner, or even Bajaj Fire Defender.

The Bajaj Cargo is priced at PhP208,888 (standard dropside flatbed)

Both models are powered by a 236.2cc DTS-i engine. This provides extra power to do more trips and carry heavier loads through plain and hilly areas. It connects to the rear wheels via a heavy duty CV shaft ensuring efficient transfer of power even with heavy loads through difficult terrain. Finally, it rides on 10-inch tires and dual front fork suspension that will get you moving on any road conditions while continuously absorbing road imperfections.

Both new models are now available at authorized Bajaj dealers.