Long bike, long battery

American startup company, Zaiser Motors, is introducing an electric motorcycle which they claim has a range of up to 300 miles – that’s equivalent to 480 kilometers or the same distance between Manila to Laoag, Ilocos Norte in one charge.

By comparison, Harley-Davidson’s Livewire motorcycle has a range of more or less 153 kilometers (Manila to Tarlac). It's about the same range as a 110cc Honda BeAT scooter.

To achieve this, Zaiser has put a sizeable 7.3 kWh battery pack (which also explains the oddly long motorcycle frame) to power the 2 hub motors in the front and in the rear wheels. And yes, that means it’s 2-wheel drive.

Other features include an auto stabilization program, proximity sensors, a fast-charging system, interconnectivity system, roadside assistance, and many more.

Claimed top speed is 192kph (120mph). The bike is expected to be launched late this year or early 2022 with an SRP of “less than $25,000,” according to Zaiser Motors CEO, Anthony Cross.

To improve its range, this electric bikehas a regenerative braking system. The energy produced by the back wheel's torque can be harnessed to charge the batteries while it's rolling.

Finally, it has also been designed to be completely recyclable should the owner no longer want it around.

This is certainly an electric motorcycle made with long rides in mind. Will this change your mind about electric vehicles?