Lenovo introduces M2 electric scooter

Global electronics giant, Lenovo, wants to be your personal mobility companion as they introduce the new M2 electric kick scooter. It's currently offered at an introductory price of PhP16,995 until March 27, 2021. The regular SRP is PhP19,995.

“The ongoing health crisis highlighted the need to connect and do things smartly and safely. Through the M2 Electric Scooter and our other smart devices, Lenovo continues to transform the way people live, work, and play as we reshape expectations and experiences to empower customers with smarter productivity, smarter entertainment, and smarter living for all,” said Michael Ngan, Lenovo Philippines President and General Manager.


This is one Lenovo you can ride image

The new M2 electric kick scooter is powered by a 350w electric motor, with a 7.5 Ah battery. Claimed range in one charging is 30 kilometers, with a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

To maintain optimum performance while on the road, Lenovo installed an intelligent battery management system that protects the battery against common issues facing electric vehicles: short-circuiting, overcurrent, overcharge, over-discharge, and extreme temperatures.

The M2 is also equipped with a cruise control function that automatically lets the scooter maintain a constant set speed. This can help in reducing hand fatigue, especially on longer drives as riders no longer need to constantly press the acceleration button. Moreover, the M2 Electric Scooter supports speed shifting that allows it to quickly change gears.

The handle houses an LED screen that displays vital information. It shows parameters like speed, mileage, gear used, and battery capacity. It also comes with mobile app control and Bluetooth support, making it possible for riders to connect the scooter with their devices or accessories.

For optimal stopping power, the M2 also features an engine brake system that compliments the front disc and mechanical brake for the rear.

This is one Lenovo you can ride image

The M2 is an IP54 rated scooter, which makes it suitable for riding under light rain and on dusty terrain. It is also stable enough to support a load of up to 120kg. Riders will also find its max incline of 15° useful when going up steep roads. The scooter’s frame is made from magnesium and aluminum alloy – the same materials that make up high-end alloy wheels commonly found on expensive cars.

With dimensions that are almost identical to a child’s step scooter, the M2 electric scooter is compact enough to easily breeze through sidewalks and avoid major roads where most of the traffic is. It’s also small enough to be parked almost anywhere. If there’s no parking space, riders can simply fold and carry the M2 electric scooter along with them. It’s built with a one-step folding system, allowing it to be folded quickly in three seconds.