KTM teases upcoming two-stroke MX bike

Two-stroke motorcycles were legends in motocross (MX) racing. However, with the arrival of the more predictable and powerful four strokes (250cc and 450cc), most of these two strokes have fallen out of popularity and only a few small 50cc to 85cc remain for children.

The big KTM MX two-strokes are back image

Now, KTM unleashes the bikes that are the company’s re-entry into the big two-stroke MX scene, largely thanks to the growing popularity and dominance of their 250cc and 300cc two-strokes in the World Enduro Super Series (WESS).

KTM has 12 models that scale from electric learner bikes through to 2-stroke minicycles (50, 65, 85cc) to larger 2-stroke thrillers at 125, 250, and 300cc capacity. For the upcoming SX series – the brand’s competition lineup for MX – will have a newly-designed seat cover that will have more grip than ever before. Also, instead of a kickstart, the upcoming models will be equipped with an electric starter and fuel injection system just like KTM’s new enduro bikes.

The big KTM MX two-strokes are back image

The new big two strokes will also be equipped with 2 engine mapping options (one standard, softer and linear power and another for a more aggressive response), launch control, traction control, and a ‘roll-over’ sensor for large crashes. An hourmeter will become standard equipment with electronic fuel injection status and a fuel indicator through the Keihin engine management system.

Tool-free adjustments are now possible with the latest spec WP Suspension engineering. New 7.2l polythene fuel tanks can be filled (feeding into the protected one-piece fuel pump and filter) and a quick spin of the Excel alloy wheel rims is quicker and easier to check thanks to the fresh spoke ‘nipple’ design.

The big KTM MX two-strokes are back image

KTM added that the two-stroke SXs will have a new electronic fuel injection to ensure simplicity, enjoyment, and uniqueness. Therefore, the SXs get a new 39mm throttle body with injectors positioned for pinpoint response. A ‘remix to the premix’ counts on a TPS-sensor for better behavior while idle and for the fuel-air mixture (not forgetting the cold start mechanism which is the same as the KTM SX-Fs). The effect is more: more power, more response, more assurance, more ease, more fun.

For more information, visit the nearest KTM showroom near you for PH availability and SRP.