New Suzuki Smash Fi unveiled

Suzuki Philippines adds a new variant to the very popular and number 1 selling leisure underbone motorcycle in the country. Backed by a consistent No. 1 position in the Underbone Leisure motorcycle category since 2015, the Suzuki Smash is often termed as legendary because of its track record with characteristics easily summarized as the 5 “M”s:  Mura, Matipid, Malakas, Maporma, Matibay. Now, Suzuki brings the Smash Fi to customers who are looking for a Fuel-injected option that has better fuel savings and lesser carbon footprint. This will further underscore Smash’s selling point as an all-rounder performing motorcycle at a price tag that is very friendly to all Filipinos – thus the tagline Smash For All. 

Smash Fi

Perfect for riders who value style and quality without compromising practicality and performance, the Smash Fi is built to be enjoyed by everyone – it is Smash For All! The Smash Fi is a new option for riders who prefer the benefits of fuel injection in the body of the much-loved Suzuki Smash and more.

Smash Malakas

The newly designed Fuel-injected engine is light and compact yet is the strongest in the 110-115cc engine category. According to Suzuki, the newly designed Fi powerplant produces 9.2 Ps of power at 7,500 rpm and 9.1 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm.

Smash Matipid

The Smash Fi’s Fuel-injection system provides for a remarkable fuel-efficiency rating tried and tested by the World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC) resulting to 68km/L. The fuel injector produces better fuel mileage and lesser emissions.

Smash Matibay

The Smash Fi is tough enough to smash its way anywhere you take it with a sturdy yet lighter frame and swing arm resulting in unparalleled durability that can withstand the challenges of everyday riding conditions, or even long rides during weekends and holidays.

Smash Maporma

Suzuki unveils new Smash Fi, starts at PHP 66,400 image

Timeless, sleek and sporty styling to conquer all roads with its edgy bodywork and decals, highly visible and sporty meter panel, new alloy wheels (disc brake version), sporty muffler and many more.

The new Smash Fi also boasts an engine heat guard to protect the rider’s legs, shutter key lock, 7.6-liter underseat storage, and 3.7 liter fuel tank.


As with the outgoing version of the Smash, Suzuki is proud to offer the new Smash Fi as one of the most affordable underbone motorcycles in the market today. Price starts at PHP 66,400 for the wire wheel version in Candy Summer Red and Titan Black, while the alloy wheel version (with disc brake) will have an SRP of PHP 71,400 in Metallic Matte Stellar Blue and Titan Black.