BMW launches the R 12 for 2024

Since its introduction in 2013, the BMW R nineT has always been one of Germany’s top-selling motorcycles and has been marketed as a “blank canvas” that is open to customization by enthusiasts. Continuing with this tradition, BMW reimagines the R nineT to present the new R 12 nineT roadster and R 12 cruiser motorcycles.

The new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12

BMW launches new R 12 roadster and cruiser lineup image

With the R nineT, BMW Motorrad presented more than just a classic-style roadster in 2013.  From the very beginning, it combined classic motorcycle design and modern technology with high craftsmanship and diverse customization options. Shortly afterward, the R nineT was enriched with attractive derivatives, giving rise to a whole model family for the BMW Motorrad Heritage world.

That is why, for the new BMW R 12 nineT, the guiding principle during development was “The Spirit of nineT”, with the goal of seamlessly following in the footsteps of the successful R nineT and carrying forward its archetypal look, timelessness, and high customization qualities. While the new R 12 nineT as a classic roadster aims to make a stylish impression in urban environments as well as provide dynamic riding fun on winding country roads, the new BMW R 12 comes under the motto “The Spirit of Easy” - perfectly embodying a classic cruiser for cool and relaxed biking.

Blank canvass

BMW launches new R 12 roadster and cruiser lineup image

The new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12 are classic roadsters and cruisers that combine the authentic and beefy character of the boxer engine and the design language of traditional motorcycle eras with innovative technology and a modular concept that offers the rider maximum customization options. Reduction to the essentials and attention to detail were key priorities in the development of the design, resulting in a strong emotional appeal.

100-year-old boxer engine

BMW launches new R 12 roadster and cruiser lineup image

For the past 100 years, the two-cylinder boxer engine and the use of a propeller shaft drive have been synonymous with BMW motorcycles. In line with this legacy, the new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12 models, presented in the “100 Years of BMW Motorrad” anniversary year, further emphasize this distinctive powertrain configuration, following the recent unveiling of the new BMW R 1300 GS. The air/oil-cooled boxer engine with a capacity of 1,170cc already familiar from numerous BMW Motorrad models, delivers

110 Ps at 7,000 rpm in the R 12 nineT and 96 Ps at 6,500 rpm in the R 12.

As part of the complete redesign of the chassis, the new R 12 models also feature a new airbox. This is now fully integrated under the seat. The left-mounted “Twin Pipe” exhaust system with two rear silencers with reverse cone design caters to both the desire for a classically designed, sporty roadster and a cruiser.

Classic design, modern features

BMW launches new R 12 roadster and cruiser lineup image

The new R 12 nineT comes equipped with two analog round instruments for speed and rpm, a USB-C port on the left side, and a 12V socket on the right side for the onboard network. The round instruments continue to support customization by communicating via a LIN-Bus and separating the control and display units. The standard instrumentation for the new R 12 is limited to the speedometer, but the rev counter can be retrofitted with a digital display as an optional accessory.

Additionally, the new R 12 models benefit from the newly developed tubular bridge steel spaceframe. This frame differs from the previous R nineT series, which had a front and rear main frame. As a result, the new frame eliminates the need for previous fastenings, reducing weight and giving the new R 12 models a cleaner and more classic appearance. The rear frame, also made of tubular steel, is bolted to the main frame.

Roadster and Cruiser

BMW launches new R 12 roadster and cruiser lineup image

On the R 12 nineT, the aluminum tank with brushed and clear-coated side panels, the seat, and the tail hump create a rising, dynamic line. The improved ergonomics compared to its predecessor are mainly due to the 30 mm shorter and narrower fuel tank in the rear area.  The rider is closer to the handlebars, benefits from improved knee contact, and has a more front-oriented seating position on the motorcycle overall.

On the new BMW R 12, the steel tank, which is reminiscent of the so-called “Toaster Tanks” of the 1970s BMW /5 models, emphasizes the typical design language of a cruiser in a classic teardrop shape and forms a descending line in combination with the standard solo seat and the curved, low-mounted rear wheel cover. The large 19-inch front wheel and the small 16-inch rear wheel complement this harmoniously. The classic cruiser design is also reflected in the relaxed seating position with low seat height and wide handlebars.

The BMW R 12 nineT and R 12 come in three color options each. For the R nineT roadster, color options include Blackstorm Metallic, San Remo Green Metallic, and Option 719 Aluminum.

For the R 12 cruiser, color options include Blackstorm Metallic, Aventurine Red Metallic, and Option 719 Thorium. Philippine arrival and SRP are yet to be announced by BMW Motorrad PH.