Short riders will have more options

Showa is working on dynamic suspension technology that hopes to make height adjustable suspension for more motorcycles a more accessible reality. Its EERA Heightflex suspension system could make tall MX and adventure motorcycles more accessible to vertically-challenged riders.

Showa to launch electronic lowering shocks in 2020 image

The new technology was revealed at the Human and Car Technology Exhibition 2019 in Yokohama. The motorcycle on display was fitted with Showa EERA Heighflex. This electronically-controlled variable damping system can adapt to various road and surface characteristics on the fly, thanks to its proprietary stroke sensor. The system uses a hydraulic pump to adjust spring pre-load as needed. Besides returning an adaptable ride, an added feature is the ability to set a preferred seat height as well.

Adaptable suspension is nothing new as 4-wheeled vehicles have had this feature for some time, albeit with large and bulky shock absorbers. Performance models of brands like Aprilia, Ducati, BMW, and Kawasaki also have similar features on their current models. Showa, however, believes its sensor is more accurate than its rivals.

Thanks to their painstaking development, Showa believes it will see commercial production in 2021 to be sold as an aftermarket accessory. The video above from Young Machine demonstrates the technology in action.