54-km scenic road connecting Zambales and Pangasinan nearing completion

Looking for a scenic new road to ride to? Have a look at Daang Kalikasan. This new, 54-kilometer road, located in Pangasinan, connects with the province of Zambales.

Daang Kalikasan (Nature Road), as the name suggests, cuts through several forests and mountains in the area, starting from Mangatarem in Pangasinan, all the way to Santa Cruz in Zambales. The road's high elevation grants breathtaking views of Central Luzon and nearby mountains.

Construction of Daang Kalikasan is expected to be completed in 2021, according to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). However, it is now partially opened to motorists in the area. Just keep your speeds down and your eyes peeled as there is still a lot of sand and debris on the road.

The few who have ridden there already have compared the stretch to Marilaque Highway that goes from Tanay, Rizal all the way to Real, Quezon. When it's fully open, it will likely bring in tourists from all over Luzon.

Do you think Daang Kalikasan is the most scenic road in the country? Or, are there far better-undiscovered roads than this? Let us know what you guys think in the comments.