Suzuki issues stop sale notice for 2024 model Hayabusa

In 1999, Suzuki introduced the Hayabusa and in just a few years, the bike achieved its legendary status, thanks to its no-nonsense 1,299 cc engine that is capable of propelling the bike to more than 300 kilometers per hour.

However, just like any man-made object or machine, the Suzuki Hayabusa is not perfect.

Sale of 2024 MY Suzuki Hayabusa on hold due to leaking brake fluid image

Last January 18, 2024, Suzuki Motor Corporation USA issued a Stop Sale Notice for certain 2024 Hayabusa and 25th Anniversary Edition models. According to Suzuki Motor Corporation USA, there is a possible issue with an improperly tightened ABS unit flare nut which could cause the brake fluid to leak from the ABS module.

Common sense would dictate that leaking brake fluid is something that needs to be taken seriously and repaired ASAP.

According to Suzuki, back in December 2023, a quality inspection in the company’s Hamamatsu plant revealed a brake fluid leak. This leak was traced by inspectors to an improperly tightened brake fluid flare nut fitting on the Hayabusa’s ABS module.

This finding also led to further investigation that revealed one of Suzuki’s employees on the production line to be NOT following the standard multi-step tightening process for these components.

Suzuki added that almost 400 Hayabusas are affected by this safety recall. These bikes were produced between July 7, 2023 to November 28, 2023.

Will this affect PH-spec Hayabusas?

Our friends at Suzuki Motorcycles Philippines (SPH) have confirmed that the Hayabusa models that are sold in the country are “all made in Japan but specs are mostly similar to European specs.” The full NHTSA notice can be found here.